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CD Library Search results for: Treasury of Folk Music: An All-Star Hooteranny, Vol. 1

Genre: Folk
Tracks (30)
Track: Tom Dooley
Composer(s): Guard, Dave

Track: Banana Boat (Day-O)
Composer(s): Belafonte/Burgess/Attaway

Track: Marianne
Composer(s): Gilkyson/Miller/Dehr

Track: Michael
Composer(s): Fisher, Dave

Track: Green, Green
Composer(s): McGuire/Sparks

Track: Kumbaya
Composer(s): Traditional/Seekers

Track: Baby The Rain Must Fall
Composer(s): Sheldon/Bernstein

Track: If I Had A Hammer
Composer(s): Hays/Seeger

Track: Guantanamera
Composer(s): Marti/Dias/Seeger/Orbon

Track: Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Composer(s): Seeger, Pete

Track: We'll Sing In the Sunshine
Composer(s): Garnett, Gale

Track: Catch The Wind
Composer(s): Leitch, Donovan

Track: Unicorn
Composer(s): Silverstein, Shel

Track: There But For Fortune
Composer(s): Ochs, Phil

Track: Gentle On My Mind
Composer(s): Hartford, John

Track: You Were On My Mind
Composer(s): Fricker, Sylvia

Track: Walk Right In
Composer(s): Darling/Svanoe/Cannon/Woods

Track: M. T. A.
Composer(s): Steiner/Hawes

Track: A Little Bitty Tear
Composer(s): Cochran, Hank

Track: Greenfields
Composer(s): Gilkyson/Dehr/Miller

Track: Four Stong Winds
Composer(s): Tyson, Ian

Track: A Dollar Down
Composer(s): Houston, Cisco

Track: Goodnight Irene
Composer(s): Ledbetter/Lomax

Track: Rock Island Line
Composer(s): Donegan/Freberg

Track: Tijuana Jail
Composer(s): Thompson, Denny

Track: Don't Let The Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man)
Composer(s): Hickey/Miller

Track: 500 Miles
Composer(s): West, Hedy

Track: All My Trials
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Summer Song
Composer(s): Metcalfe/Noble/Stuart

Track: Circle Game
Composer(s): Mitchell, Joni

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