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CD Library Search results for: Down In Birdland: Manhattan Transfer Anthology

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (39)
Track: Trickle Trickle
Composer(s): Bassett, Clarence

Track: Gloria
Composer(s): Navarro, Esther

Track: Operator
Composer(s): Spivery, William

Track: Helpless
Composer(s): Holland/Dozier/Holland

Track: Ray's Rockhouse
Composer(s): Hendricks/Charles

Track: Heart's Desire
Composer(s): Lewis/Cox/Dozier/Ingram/Purdie

Track: Zindy Lou
Composer(s): Moore/Smith

Track: Mystery
Composer(s): Temperson, Rod

Track: Baby Come Back To Me (Morse Code of Love)
Composer(s): Santamaria, Nick

Track: Route 66
Composer(s): Troup, Bobby

Track: Java Jive
Composer(s): Drake/Oakland

Track: Chanson D'Amour
Composer(s): Shanklin, Wayne

Track: Foreign Affair
Composer(s): Waits, Tom

Track: Smile Again
Composer(s): Graydon/Foster/Champlin/Paul

Track: Spice Of Life
Composer(s): Temperton/Bramble

Track: Speak Up Mambo (Cuentame)
Composer(s): Castellanos, Al

Track: Soul Food To Go (Sina)
Composer(s): Djavan/Fieger

Track: So You Say (Esquinas)
Composer(s): Djavan/McBroom

Track: Boy From New York City
Composer(s): Taylor/Davis

Track: Twilight Zone - Twilight Tone
Composer(s): Hermann/Paul/Graydon

Track: Four Brothers
Composer(s): Giuffre/Hendricks

Track: Blee Blop Blues
Composer(s): Hendricks/Basie

Track: Candy
Composer(s): David/Whitney/Kramer

Track: A Gal In Calico
Composer(s): Robin/Schwartz

Track: Love For Sale
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: On A Little Street In Singapore
Composer(s): DeRose/Hill

Track: Tuxedo Junction
Composer(s): Feyne/Johnson/Dash/Hawkins

Track: That Cat Is High
Composer(s): Williams, J. M.

Track: Body And Soul
Composer(s): Heyman/Green/Sour/Eyton

Track: Meet Benny Bailey
Composer(s): Hendricks/Jones

Track: Sing Joy Spring
Composer(s): Hendricks/Brown

Track: To You
Composer(s): Hendricks/Jones

Track: Down South Camp Meetin'
Composer(s): Henderson/Mills/Hendricks

Track: Until I Met You (Corner Pocket)
Composer(s): Green/Wolf

Track: Why Not! (Manhattan Carnival)
Composer(s): Camilo/Koski/Eigenberg

Track: Another Night In Tunisia
Composer(s): Hendricks/Paparelli/Gillespie

Track: Capim
Composer(s): Djavan

Track: A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Composer(s): Maschwitz/Sherwin

Track: Birdland
Composer(s): Zawinul/Hendricks

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