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Track: Secret Garden
Composer(s): Kostia

Track: Enzian
Composer(s): Gratz, Wayne

Track: Merced
Composer(s): Rumbel, Nancy

Track: Briarcombe
Composer(s): Stein, Ira

Track: Opal Moon
Composer(s): Wynberg/Wilde

Track: Peru
Composer(s): Rumbel, Nancy

Track: La Couronne
Composer(s): Kolbe, Martin

Track: Imaginary Friend
Composer(s): Gratz, Wayne

Track: Barcelona
Composer(s): White, Andrew

Track: Dream Of The Forgotten Child
Composer(s): Lanz, David

Track: Touchstone
Composer(s): Ellwood, William

Track: Magical Child
Composer(s): Jones, Michael

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