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CD Library Search results for: Country: American Tradition

Genre: Country
Tracks (51)
Track: Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
Composer(s): Hayes/Randolph

Track: Cindy In The Meadows
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Blues
Composer(s): Poole, Charlie

Track: Soldier's Joy
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Lafayette (Allons A Lafayette)
Composer(s): Falcon, Joe

Track: Lovesick Blues
Composer(s): Friend/Mills

Track: Hobo's Lullaby
Composer(s): Reeves, Goebel

Track: Can The Circle Be Unbroken
Composer(s): Carter, A. P.

Track: I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
Composer(s): Montana, Patsy

Track: Great Speckle Bird
Composer(s): Acuff, Roy

Track: A Beautiful Life
Composer(s): Golden, W. H.

Track: Song Of The Bandit
Composer(s): Nolan, Bob

Track: Orange Blossom Special
Composer(s): Rouse, Ervin

Track: Back In The Saddle Again
Composer(s): Autry/Whitley

Track: New San Antonio Rose
Composer(s): Wills, Bob

Track: Born To Lose
Composer(s): Daffan, Ted

Track: Pistol Packin' Mama
Composer(s): Dexter, Al

Track: Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Composer(s): Monroe, Bill

Track: Slippin' Around
Composer(s): Tillman, Floyd

Track: Fields Have Turned Brown
Composer(s): Stanley/Stanley

Track: Hillbilly Fever
Composer(s): Horton, V.

Track: Always Late (With Your Kisses)
Composer(s): Frizzell/Crawford

Track: Loose Talk
Composer(s): Hart/Lucas

Track: Crazy Arms
Composer(s): Seals/Mooney

Track: Hop, Skip And Jump
Composer(s): Collins, L.

Track: Battle Of New Orleans
Composer(s): Driftwood, J.

Track: El Paso
Composer(s): Robbins, Marty

Track: Big Bad John
Composer(s): Dean, Jimmy

Track: Ring of Fire
Composer(s): Carter/Kilgore

Track: Flowers on the Wall
Composer(s): Dewitt, L.

Track: Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Composer(s): Scruggs, Earl

Track: Almost Persuaded
Composer(s): Sutton/Sherrill

Track: Hickory Wind
Composer(s): Parsons/Buchanan

Track: Stand By Your Man
Composer(s): Wynette/Sherrill

Track: Rose Garden
Composer(s): South, Joe

Track: Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)
Composer(s): Kristofferson, Kris

Track: Behind Closed Doors
Composer(s): O'Dell, K.

Track: Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone)
Composer(s): Coe, David Allan

Track: Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Composer(s): Rose, F.

Track: Golden Ring
Composer(s): Braddock/VanHoy

Track: Take This Job and Shove It
Composer(s): Coe, David Allan

Track: Devil Went Down to Georgia
Composer(s): Crain/Daniels/DiGregorio/Edwards/Hayward/Marshall

Track: He Stopped Loving Her Today
Composer(s): Putman/Braddock

Track: Seven Year Ache
Composer(s): Cash, Rosanne

Track: Crying My Heart Out Over You
Composer(s): Butler/Certain/Wilken/Stacey

Track: Pancho and Lefty
Composer(s): VanZandt, Townes

Track: I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried
Composer(s): Crowell, Rodney

Track: He Thinks He'll Keep Her
Composer(s): Carpenter/Schlitz

Track: How Can I Help You Say Goodbye
Composer(s): Collins/Taylor/Good

Track: Third Rock from the Sun
Composer(s): Greenbaum/Martin/Whipple

Track: Wide Open Spaces
Composer(s): Gibson, S. L.

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