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CD Library Search results for: Folk, Gospel & Blues: Wil The Circle Be Unbroken

Genre: Folk
Tracks (45)
Track: Ezekiel Saw De Wheel
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Crazy Blues
Composer(s): Bradford, P.

Track: Careless Love Blues
Composer(s): Handy, W. C.

Track: Frankie
Composer(s): Hurt, John

Track: Lord I Can't Just Keep From Crying
Composer(s): Johnson, Willie

Track: What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
Composer(s): Tindley, C.

Track: Sitting On Top Of The World
Composer(s): Vinson/Chatmon

Track: Blues Before Sunrise
Composer(s): Carr, Leroy

Track: If You See My Saviour
Composer(s): Dorsey, Thomas

Track: Broke Down Engine
Composer(s): McTell, Willie

Track: Mister Tom Hughes's Town
Composer(s): Ledbetter/Lomax

Track: Cross Road Blues
Composer(s): Johnson, robert

Track: Key To The Highway
Composer(s): Broonzy/Segar

Track: Nine Foot Shovel
Composer(s): Traditional/White/DePaur

Track: Cowboy's Lament
Composer(s): Unknown

Track: Me And My Chauffeur Blues
Composer(s): Lawlars, E.

Track: Swing Down Chariot
Composer(s): Traditional/Golden Gate Quartet

Track: Dere's A Man Goin' Round/I Know De Lord
Composer(s): Traditional/Brown

Track: Baby Please Don't Go
Composer(s): Williams, Joe

Track: Hard Day Blues
Composer(s): Morganfield, McKinley

Track: I'll Never Forget
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: I'll Fly Away
Composer(s): Brumley, A. E.

Track: I Will Move On Up A Little Higher
Composer(s): Brewster/Jackson

Track: Greenfields
Composer(s): Gilkyson/Dehr/Miller

Track: Blowin' In The Wind
Composer(s): Dylan, Bob

Track: Patriot Game
Composer(s): Traditional/Behan

Track: Green, Green
Composer(s): McGuire/Sparks

Track: We Shall Overcome
Composer(s): Horton/Hamilton/Carawan/Seeger

Track: Sound Of Silence
Composer(s): Simon, Paul

Track: Death Letter
Composer(s): House, Son

Track: Little Boxes
Composer(s): Reynolds, Malvina

Track: Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Composer(s): Habershon/Gabriel

Track: Suzanne
Composer(s): Cohen, Leonard

Track: Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
Composer(s): Mahal, Taj

Track: These Days
Composer(s): Browne, Jackson

Track: Mean Mistreater
Composer(s): Gordon, J.

Track: I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
Composer(s): Dixon, Willie

Track: Blue River
Composer(s): Andersen, Eric

Track: Longer
Composer(s): Fogelberg, Dan

Track: Romeo's Tune
Composer(s): Forbert, Steve

Track: Pride And Joy
Composer(s): Vaughan, Stevie Ray

Track: Steady On
Composer(s): Dolvin/Leventhal

Track: Galileo
Composer(s): Sailers, Emily

Track: Stand Still
Composer(s): Caesar, Shirley

Track: Every Morning
Composer(s): Moore, keb'

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