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CD Library Search results for: National Lampoon Radio Hour

Genre: Comedy
Tracks (13)
Track: National Lampoon's Call-In
Composer(s): Goodrow/Guest/Kenney

Track: Rod Serling Explains the First Christmas
Composer(s): Guest, Christopher

Track: Music Perspective
Composer(s): Doyle-Murray/Guest

Track: Turtle Woman
Composer(s): Guest, Christopher

Track: Canadian Newsreel
Composer(s): Perry, Bob

Track: Flash Bazbo in a Restaurant
Composer(s): Radner/Guest

Track: Alternative Child
Composer(s): Belushi/Doyle-Murray

Track: And the Winner Is...
Composer(s): Belushi/Praeger/Chase

Track: Police Auditions
Composer(s): Taft/Guest/Belushi/Doyle-Murray/Chase

Track: Interview With Don Corleone
Composer(s): Chase/Belushi

Track: Classics of the Contemporary Drama: Idiot
Composer(s): Guest/Murray

Track: Immigrants: Hillbillies
Composer(s): laherty/Radner/Doyle-Murray/Ramis/Belushi/Perry

Track: Legal Disclaimer (Muhammad Ali)
Composer(s): Crystal, Billy

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