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CD Library Search results for: Jack, Jack, Jack (Cu-Tu-Gu-Ru)

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (29)
Track: Whole World Is Singing My Song
Composer(s): Curtis/Mizzy

Track: Too Many Times
Composer(s): Skylar

Track: I Tipped My Hat and Slowly Rode Away
Composer(s): Markes/Charles

Track: If This Isn't Love from Finian's Rainbow
Composer(s): Lane/Harburg

Track: Jack, Jack, Jack (Cu-Tu-Gu-Ru)
Composer(s): Davis/Castro

Track: Oh! My Achin' Heart
Composer(s): James/Little/Palmer

Track: Turntable Song
Composer(s): Green/Robin

Track: Civilization (Bongo, Bongo, Bongo)
Composer(s): Hilliard/Sigman

Track: Don't You Love Me Anymore
Composer(s): Davis/Hoffman/Livingston

Track: My Rancho Rio Grande
Composer(s): Walker

Track: Shauny O'Shea from Look Ma, I'm Dancing
Composer(s): Martin, Hugh

Track: Teresa
Composer(s): Russin/Hoffman

Track: Hannah in Savannah
Composer(s): Kahn

Track: Big Brass Band from Brazil from Angels in the Wings
Composer(s): Hilliard/Sigman

Track: I Wish I Knew the Name (Of the Girl in My Dreams)
Composer(s): Less/Roberts

Track: Baby Face
Composer(s): Davis/Akst

Track: Takin' Miss Mary to the Ball
Composer(s): Brown/Heyman

Track: Tea Leaves
Composer(s): Berk/Capano/Freedman

Track: You Call Everybody Darling
Composer(s): Martin/Trace/Watts

Track: Cuanto le Gusta (La Parranda) from A Date With Judy
Composer(s): Ruiz/Gilbert

Track: Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) from So Dear To My Heart
Composer(s): Daniel/Morey

Track: Strawberry Moon (In a Blueberry Sky) from Copacabana
Composer(s): Hilliard/Mysels

Track: Coca Roca
Composer(s): Tosti/Gilbert

Track: Cruising Down the River
Composer(s): Beadell/Tollerton

Track: Corn Belt Symphony
Composer(s): Simons

Track: Sunflower
Composer(s): David

Track: Senora
Composer(s): Idriss/Tibbles

Track: Busy Doing Nothing from a Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Composer(s): VanHeusen/Burke

Track: Enjoy Yourself
Composer(s): Magidson/Sigman

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