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CD Library Search results for: Goodnight My Love

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (20)
Track: Let Me Sing and I'm Happy
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: It Happened in Monterey
Composer(s): Wayne/Rose

Track: Exactly Like You
Composer(s): McHugh/Fields

Track: Just a Little Closer
Composer(s): Meyer/Johnson

Track: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Composer(s): Burke/Dubin

Track: You're the One I Care For
Composer(s): Lown/Gray/Link

Track: I'll Be Blue Just Thinking Of
Composer(s): Wendling/Whiting

Track: Love Is Like That - What Can You Do
Composer(s): Russell

Track: (There Ought to Be a) Moonlight Saving Time
Composer(s): Kahal/Richman

Track: Now That You're Gone
Composer(s): Fiorito/Kahn

Track: When We're Alone - Penthouse Serenade
Composer(s): Jason/Burton

Track: Guilty
Composer(s): Kahn/Akst/Whiting

Track: Night That Love was Born
Composer(s): Baer/Young/Oppenheim

Track: Stay As Sweet As You Are
Composer(s): Gordon/Revel

Track: Talking to Myself
Composer(s): Magidson/Conrad

Track: Life is a Song-Let's Sing It Together
Composer(s): Young/Ahlert

Track: Close Your Eyes
Composer(s): Petkere

Track: Were Your Ears Burning Baby
Composer(s): Gordon/Revel

Track: It's Swell of You
Composer(s): Gordon/Revel

Track: Goodnight My Love
Composer(s): Gordon/Revel

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