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CD Library Search results for: Sensual Journey

Genre: Blues
Tracks (11)
Track: Cool Water
Composer(s): Rideout/Temple/Allen

Track: I Can't Help It
Composer(s): Wonder/Green

Track: Home
Composer(s): Downing/Rideout/Christian

Track: Don't Talk to Me Like That
Composer(s): Russell/Parrette/Cawley

Track: Almost Like Being in Love
Composer(s): Downing/Rideout/Christian

Track: Maybe
Composer(s): Downing/Paul/Rideout

Track: If I Ever Lose This Heaven
Composer(s): Sawyer/Ware

Track: Drowning in Your Eyes
Composer(s): Lewis/Quarmby

Track: Just Don't Wanna Be Lonely
Composer(s): Barrett/Freeman/Eli

Track: Brooklyn Breezes
Composer(s): Downing/Kashif/Stein

Track: Bolero Nova
Composer(s): Beasley/D'Onofrio

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