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Genre: Jazz
Tracks (19)
Track: Don't Fence Me In (DVD)
Composer(s): Byrne, David

Track: I've Got U Under My Skin (DVD)
Composer(s): Mondino, Jean Baptiste

Track: From this Moment On (DVD)
Composer(s): McLean, Steve

Track: After You, Who? (DVD)
Composer(s): Rolston, Matthew

Track: Begin the Beguine (DVD)
Composer(s): Ove, Zak

Track: Too Darn Hot (DVD)
Composer(s): Lutz/McLeod

Track: You Do Something To Me (DVD)
Composer(s): Maybury, John

Track: I Get A Kick Out of You (DVD)
Composer(s): Pellington, Mark

Track: In the Still of the Night (DVD)
Composer(s): Demme, Jonathan

Track: So In Love (DVD)
Composer(s): Adlon, Percy

Track: I Love Paris (DVD)
Composer(s): Pomphrey, Roger

Track: Do I Love You? (DVD)
Composer(s): Scarlett-Davies, John

Track: Well, Did You Evah! (DVD)
Composer(s): Cox, Alex

Track: Down In The Depths (DVD)
Composer(s): Gautier, Philippe

Track: Miss Otis Regrets/Just One of those things (DVD)
Composer(s): Jordan, Neil

Track: It's All Right With Me (DVD)
Composer(s): Jarmusch, Jim

Track: Night and Day (DVD)
Composer(s): Wenders, Wim

Track: Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye (DVD)
Composer(s): Lachman, Ed

Track: Comedy Sketches (DVD)
Composer(s): Lutz/McLeod

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