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CD Library Search results for: Falling in Love Again

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (16)
Track: Falling In Love Again
Composer(s): Hollander/Lerner

Track: Boys In The Backroom
Composer(s): Hollander/Loesser

Track: You've Got That Look
Composer(s): Hollander/Loesser

Track: I've Been In Love Before
Composer(s): Hollander/Loesser

Track: You Do Something To Me
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: You Go To My Head
Composer(s): Coots/Gillespie

Track: Lili Marlene
Composer(s): Leip/Schultze/David

Track: Symphonie
Composer(s): Alstone/Tabet/Bernstein/Lawrence

Track: Black Market
Composer(s): Hollander, Frederick

Track: Illusions
Composer(s): Hollander, Frederick

Track: Another Spring, Another Love
Composer(s): Shayne/Paris

Track: Near You
Composer(s): Craig/Goell

Track: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Composer(s): Campbell/Newman

Track: I May Never Go Home Anymore
Composer(s): Brooks/Schonherr

Track: If He Swing By The String
Composer(s): Addison/More

Track: Such Trying Times
Composer(s): Addison/More

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