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Genre: Soundtrack
Tracks (16)
Track: As Long As They're Happy
Composer(s): Coslow, Sam

Track: An Alligator Named Daisy
Composer(s): Coslow, Sam

Track: A Kiss and A Cuddle
Composer(s): Baguley/Kelsey

Track: I Feel So Mmm
Composer(s): Wayne/Gilbert

Track: A Shoulder To Weep On
Composer(s): Benjamin/Weiss/Peale

Track: Close Your Eyes
Composer(s): Petkere

Track: Unchained Melody
Composer(s): North/Zaret

Track: Evermore
Composer(s): Levine/Roberts

Track: Star You Wished Upon Last Night
Composer(s): McHugh/Kaye

Track: If'n from Happy Hunting
Composer(s): Karr/Dubey

Track: Greener Pastures
Composer(s): Leigh/Warnick

Track: Oudt Comes Oom-Pa-Pa
Composer(s): Leigh/Warnick

Track: I'm in Love With me
Composer(s): Leigh/Warnick

Track: Lassoo
Composer(s): Jordan/Maxin

Track: What More Can I Do
Composer(s): David/Wayne

Track: My Crazy Li'l Mixed Up Heart
Composer(s): Coslow, Sam

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