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CD Library Search results for: Country Music Is Here To Stay

Genre: Country
Tracks (20)
Track: Don't Be Mad (Don't Be Cruel)
Composer(s): Blackwell/Presley

Track: Country Music Is Here To Stay
Composer(s): Husky

Track: Cuzz Yore So Sweet
Composer(s): Kane

Track: Ooh, I Want You
Composer(s): Kane

Track: Stand Up, Sit Down, Shut Your Mouth
Composer(s): Tillis

Track: My Gallina
Composer(s): James

Track: Country Music Fidler
Composer(s): Husky

Track: Morgan Poisoned The Water Hole
Composer(s): Hakins/Mills/Patrick

Track: A Hillbilly's Deck Of Cards
Composer(s): James

Track: Enormity In Motion (Poetry In Motion)
Composer(s): Kaufman/Anthony/Reynolds

Track: Bop Cat Bop
Composer(s): Rogers

Track: Muki Ruki
Composer(s): Bishop

Track: I Fell Out Of Love With Love
Composer(s): Reed

Track: I Feel Better All Over (More Than Anywhere's Else)
Composer(s): Rogers/Smith

Track: Little Red Webb
Composer(s): Pierce/Sovine/Husky

Track: It Tickles
Composer(s): Collins/Collins

Track: Goodbye Cruel World
Composer(s): Husky

Track: Excuse Me Stranger
Composer(s): Frazier

Track: Simon Crum Needs A Hit
Composer(s): Frazier

Track: That's What I'd Do
Composer(s): Frazier

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