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Genre: Jazz
Tracks (11)
Track: Midnight Blue
Composer(s): Burrell, Kenny

Track: Sudel
Composer(s): Pearson, Duke

Track: Maybe in Your Dreams
Composer(s): Kennedy, Nigel

Track: Sunshine Alley
Composer(s): Cornell, Butch

Track: Nearly
Composer(s): Carter, Ron

Track: Expansions
Composer(s): Smith, Lonnie Liston

Track: Stranger in a Stranger Land
Composer(s): Kennedy, Nigel

Track: Song for My Father
Composer(s): Silver, Horace

Track: After the Rain
Composer(s): Pearson, Duke

Track: I Almost Lost My Mind
Composer(s): Hunter, Ivory Joe

Track: Song for World Forgiveness
Composer(s): DeJohnette, Jack

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