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CD Library Search results for: Concerts By The Sea

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (9)
Track: Magic To Do
Composer(s): Schwartz, Steven

Track: Cheerful Little Earful
Composer(s): Warren/Gershwin/Rose

Track: Waltz for Dana
Composer(s): Kral, Roy

Track: Born to be Blue
Composer(s): Wells/Torme

Track: Runaround
Composer(s): Previn/Langdon

Track: Good and Rich
Composer(s): Kral/Druz

Track: A Face like yours
Composer(s): Feldman/Wolf

Track: Tiny Told Me
Composer(s): Kral, Roy

Track: Who Cares
Composer(s): Gershwin/Gershwin

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