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CD Library Search results for: Jean Sablon: World Famous Crooner

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (38)
Track: Puisque vous partez en voyage
Composer(s): Mireille/Nohain

Track: Che que maravilla
Composer(s): Sab/Sevestre/Varna

Track: Beguin-Biguine
Composer(s): Emer/Jamblan

Track: Afraid to Dream
Composer(s): Gordon/Revel

Track: Can I Forget You
Composer(s): Hammerstein/Kern

Track: Le Fiacre
Composer(s): Xanroff

Track: Rendez-vous time in paree
Composer(s): Dubin/McHugh

Track: South American Way
Composer(s): Dubin/McHugh

Track: Silver on the Sage
Composer(s): Rubin/Rainger

Track: J'Attendrai
Composer(s): Olivieri/Poterat

Track: Un Violon Dans La Nuit
Composer(s): Bixio/Cherubini

Track: En Septembre sous la pluie
Composer(s): Larue/Warren

Track: La mere Michel
Composer(s): Traditional/Sablon

Track: Bonsoir
Composer(s): Larue/Sablon/Siniavine

Track: Serenade
Composer(s): Trenet, Charles

Track: Jean - Jean
Composer(s): Traditional French

Track: Je N'en connais pas la fin
Composer(s): Monnot/Asso

Track: Elle n'est pas si mal que ca
Composer(s): Christine/Willemetz

Track: Insensiblement
Composer(s): Misraki/Galiana

Track: C'est la premiere fois
Composer(s): Misraki, P.

Track: Rendez-vous sous la pluie
Composer(s): Trenet/Hess/Galiana

Track: Symphony
Composer(s): Alstone/Tabet/Bernstein/Lawrence

Track: Porque
Composer(s): Caymmi/Sigman

Track: La Chanson des rues
Composer(s): Goehr/Vaucaire/Stillman

Track: Passe
Composer(s): Delange/Sigman

Track: These Foolish Things
Composer(s): Strachey/Marvell/Linck

Track: I Wonder who's kissing her now
Composer(s): Houghs/Adams/Howard

Track: Roses in the rain
Composer(s): Frisch/Wise/Carle

Track: Lilette
Composer(s): Gold, J.

Track: Tell me Marianne
Composer(s): Donato/Musel/Kaye

Track: I'll stop loving you
Composer(s): Taylor/Car

Track: Son voile qui volait
Composer(s): Traditional French

Track: Ditez-Moi
Composer(s): Hammerstein/Rodgers

Track: Paris wakes up and smiles
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: La vie en rose
Composer(s): Louiguy/Piaf

Track: Maladie d'amour
Composer(s): Traditional French

Track: Clopin - Clopant
Composer(s): Dudan/Coquatrix

Track: My Foolish Heart
Composer(s): Washington/Young

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