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CD Library Search results for: Best of Patsy Montana

Genre: Country
Tracks (24)
Track: I Wanna Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
Composer(s): Montana, Patsy

Track: Gold Coast Express
Composer(s): Montana/Hamblen

Track: She Buckaroo
Composer(s): Montana, Patsy

Track: Wheel of the Wagon Is Broken
Composer(s): Carr/Box/Cox

Track: Lone Star
Composer(s): Simons, Seymour

Track: Woman's Answer to Nobody's Darling
Composer(s): Miller, Bob

Track: Echoes from the Hills
Composer(s): Nobles/Nolan

Track: Pride of the Prairie
Composer(s): Botsford/Breen

Track: I Only Want a Buddy Not a Sweetheart
Composer(s): Jones, Edward

Track: My Dear Old Arizona Home
Composer(s): Howard/Vincent

Track: Cowboy Rhythm
Composer(s): Montana, Patsy

Track: Little Sweetheart of the Ozarks
Composer(s): Trace, Al

Track: Rodeo Sweetheart
Composer(s): Foley, Clyde Julian

Track: Shine on Rocky Mountain Moonlight
Composer(s): Herscher, Louis

Track: I Wanna Be a Western Cowgirl
Composer(s): Autry, Orvon Gene

Track: Old Nevada Moon
Composer(s): Montana/Penny

Track: My Million Dollar Smile
Composer(s): O'Daniel, Wilbert Lee

Track: My Poncho Pony
Composer(s): Montana/Penny

Track: Back on Montana Plains
Composer(s): Hamblen/Montana

Track: Moon Hangs Low (on the Ohio)
Composer(s): Montana, Patsy

Track: My Song of the West
Composer(s): Holmes, Floyd

Track: Swing Time Cowgirl
Composer(s): Long, Bob

Track: Leanin' on the Old Top Rail
Composer(s): Kenny/Kenny

Track: I Want to Be a Cowboy's Dreamgirl
Composer(s): Montana, Patsy

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