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CD Library Search results for: Famous Hungarian Gypsy Tunes

Genre: Folk
Tracks (11)
Track: Concert Csárdás
Composer(s): Suka, Kalman

Track: Old Betyár/Shabby Beyár/I Had a Pigeon/Herd of Oxen Will Not Graze/River TheiB is Flooding/Fresh Csárdás
Composer(s): Mursi/Traditional/Doczy

Track: Clarinet Solo
Composer(s): Traditional Hungarian

Track: Hungarian Varbunkos/Fresh Csárdás
Composer(s): Traditional Hungarian

Track: I Asked a Flower Silk Scarf/Silk Apron/Silk Skirt Mother/I Will Get Married Soon/Járóka Csárdás
Composer(s): Szentizmay/Hubert/Jaroka

Track: Pablo Sarasate
Composer(s): Balogh, Elemer

Track: Jealousy Romance
Composer(s): Jaroka, Sandor

Track: Old Gypsy/Cello Solo
Composer(s): Traditional Hungarian

Track: Souvenir from Budapest
Composer(s): Balogh, Elemer

Track: Du Tchaja/Gypsy Waltz
Composer(s): Traditional Hungarian

Track: May Your Face Shine/My Dreams and Desires/Slow Csárdás/Fast Csárdás
Composer(s): Farkas, Andras

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