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CD Library Search results for: Singing Cowboys

Genre: Country
Tracks (40)
Track: Dust
Composer(s): Marvin

Track: When I Camped Under Stars
Composer(s): Rogers/Spencer

Track: On the Old Spanish Trail
Composer(s): Smith/Kennedy

Track: A Four Legged Friend
Composer(s): Brooks

Track: When The Work's All Done this fall
Composer(s): O'Malley

Track: Tumblin' Tumbleweeds
Composer(s): Nolan

Track: I'll Go Riding down that Old Texas Trail
Composer(s): Autry/Burnette

Track: Purple Sage in the Twilight
Composer(s): Autry/Meyer/Styne

Track: A Rainbow on the Rio Colorado
Composer(s): Autry/Rose

Track: Private Buckaroo
Composer(s): Wrubel/Newman

Track: Red River Valley
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Cattle Call
Composer(s): Owens

Track: Silver Trails
Composer(s): Wakely

Track: Song of the Sierras
Composer(s): Dillon

Track: Here's the End of the Trail (Ole Timer)
Composer(s): Bond

Track: Night Herding Song
Composer(s): Traditional/Wakely

Track: Moon over Montana
Composer(s): Wakely/Drake

Track: Texas Blues
Composer(s): Willing/Clark

Track: Last Round Up
Composer(s): Hill

Track: Whoopee Ti Yi Yo
Composer(s): Traditional/Bond

Track: High Noon
Composer(s): Tiomkin/Washington

Track: Lady Killin' Cowboy
Composer(s): Nation

Track: I'm A Natural Born Cowboy
Composer(s): Sooter

Track: Sing, Cowboy, Sing
Composer(s): Ritter/Choate

Track: Oklahoma Hills
Composer(s): Guthrie

Track: Cool Water
Composer(s): Nolan

Track: Cowboy Camp Meetin'
Composer(s): Spencer

Track: Blue Prairie
Composer(s): Spencer/Nolan

Track: Cowboy Country
Composer(s): Spencer

Track: Wagons West
Composer(s): Jones

Track: Prairie Paradise
Composer(s): Autry/Marvin/Rose

Track: I've sold My Saddle for an Old Guitar
Composer(s): Allan

Track: Cowpoke
Composer(s): Jones

Track: Partners of the Saddle
Composer(s): Unknown

Track: Life of A Cowboy
Composer(s): Case/Boyd

Track: Home on the Range
Composer(s): Kelley/Higley

Track: Headin' for the Open Range
Composer(s): DeWitt/Boyd

Track: (Montana Slim) - Sittin' by the Old Corral
Composer(s): Carter

Track: Come on Boys, We're Ridin' into Town
Composer(s): Whitley

Track: Goin' back to my Texas Home
Composer(s): Robison

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