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CD Library Search results for: Ben Bagley's Shoestring Revue

Genre: Broadway, Vocal
Tracks (20)
Track: Man's Inhumanity to Man
Composer(s): Stewart/Strouse

Track: Inevitably Me
Composer(s): Welch, Ken

Track: Someone is sending me Flowers
Composer(s): Harnick/Baker

Track: Roller Derby
Composer(s): Stewart, Mike

Track: Garbage
Composer(s): Harnick, Sheldon

Track: Paducah
Composer(s): Stewart/Mowell

Track: Our Garden
Composer(s): Mullin, Esther

Track: Wabash
Composer(s): Kirby/Musolino/Wood

Track: Medea in Disneyland
Composer(s): Harnick/Norlin

Track: Entire History of the World in Two Minutes and Thirty-Two Seconds
Composer(s): Stewart/Strouse

Track: In bed with the reader's digest
Composer(s): Maury, Richard F.

Track: Mink, Mink, Mink
Composer(s): McCreery, Bud

Track: New to Me
Composer(s): McCreery/Welch

Track: Couldn't Be Happier
Composer(s): McCreery, Bud

Track: A Million Windows and I
Composer(s): Gimbel/Wilder

Track: Epic (I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Roskolnikov You)
Composer(s): Adams/Stewart

Track: Things Are Going Well Today
Composer(s): Carroll/Siegel

Track: Three Loves
Composer(s): Stewart/Strouse

Track: Sea is all around us
Composer(s): Harnick/Baker

Track: Fresh and Young
Composer(s): Graham/Freitag

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