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CD Library Search results for: Harlem Comes To London

Genre: Broadway, Vocal
Tracks (20)
Track: Silver Rose
Composer(s): Meyer

Track: Arabella's Wedding Day
Composer(s): Meyer

Track: Smilin' Joe
Composer(s): Meyer

Track: For Baby and Me
Composer(s): Meyer

Track: Camp Meeting Day
Composer(s): Sissle, Noble

Track: Sophisticated Lady
Composer(s): Ellington/Hardwick/Brown/Mills

Track: Dinah
Composer(s): Lewis/Young/Akst

Track: I Can't Dance, I've Got ants in my pants
Composer(s): Gains/Williams

Track: Keep A Twinkle in your eye
Composer(s): Bloom/Mercer

Track: Your Heart and Mine
Composer(s): Bloom/Mercer

Track: Dixie isn't Dixie any more
Composer(s): Bloom/Mercer

Track: Jo-Jo the Cannibal Kid
Composer(s): Bloom/Mercer

Track: Some of these days
Composer(s): Brooks

Track: Breakfast in Harlem
Composer(s): Marks/Lerner/Caesar

Track: I Must have that Man
Composer(s): McHugh/Fields

Track: I Ain't Got Nobody
Composer(s): Williams/Graham

Track: Sweet Georgia Brown
Composer(s): Bernie/Pinkard/Casey

Track: Harlem in my Heart
Composer(s): Dyrensforth/Ansell

Track: Ain't Misbehavin'
Composer(s): Waller/Razaf

Track: I Can't give you anything but Love
Composer(s): McHugh/Fields

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