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CD Library Search results for: Always In My Heart: Classic Songs from World War II, Vol. II

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (20)
Track: He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings
Composer(s): Maschwitz/Carr

Track: I'll Be Home For Christmas
Composer(s): Kent/Gannon/Ram

Track: You Belong To My Heart
Composer(s): Gilbert/Lara

Track: Always In My Heart
Composer(s): Gannon/Lecuona

Track: Sentimental Journey
Composer(s): Green/Brown/Homer

Track: Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)
Composer(s): Brown/Tobias/Stept

Track: Dig Down Deep
Composer(s): Hirsch/Marks/Marco

Track: A Slip Of The Lip (Can Sink A Ship)
Composer(s): Henderson/Ellington

Track: $21 A Day - Once A Month
Composer(s): Bernard/Klages

Track: I Can't Begin To Tell You
Composer(s): Gordon/Monaco

Track: I'll Never Smile Again
Composer(s): Lowe, Ruth

Track: I Came here To Talk For Joe
Composer(s): Brown/Tobias/Stept

Track: I Don't Want To Walk Without You
Composer(s): Loesser/Styne

Track: A Boy in Khaki - A Girl In Lace
Composer(s): Newman/Wrubel

Track: American Patrol
Composer(s): Meacham/Gray

Track: Till The lights Of London Shine Again
Composer(s): Conner/Pola

Track: I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
Composer(s): Turk/Ahlert

Track: Please Think Of Me
Composer(s): Davis/Morgan/Murray

Track: Long Ago (And Far Away)
Composer(s): Gershwin/Kern

Track: Johny Doughboy Found A Rose In Ireland
Composer(s): Twomey/Goodhart

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