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CD Library Search results for: Ride Ranger Ride

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (21)
Track: I'm An Old Cowhand
Composer(s): Mercer

Track: You Waited to Long
Composer(s): Rose/Whitley/Autry

Track: Medley of the Plains
Composer(s): Sive

Track: Time Changes Everything
Composer(s): Duncan

Track: Hills of Old Wyomin'
Composer(s): Rainger/Robin

Track: Hold That Critter Down
Composer(s): Nolan

Track: Hadie Brown
Composer(s): McWilliams/Rogers

Track: Don't Waste your Love on Me
Composer(s): Rose

Track: My Chickasay Girl
Composer(s): Cooley/Rogers

Track: Chapel in the Valley
Composer(s): Lang/Porter/Rene

Track: That Pioneer Mother of Mine
Composer(s): Spencer

Track: Ride Ranger Ride
Composer(s): Spencer

Track: Listen to the Rythm of the Range
Composer(s): Autry/Marvin

Track: Cowboy Night Herd Song
Composer(s): Rogers

Track: I Never See Maggie Alone
Composer(s): Tilsley/Lynton

Track: Rock Me to Sleep in my Saddle
Composer(s): Marion

Track: Moonlight In the Prairie
Composer(s): Nolan/Spencer

Track: On the Old Spanish Trail
Composer(s): Kennedy/Smith

Track: Don't Fence Me In
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: There's a Roundup in the Sky
Composer(s): Nolan

Track: Hi Ho Silver
Composer(s): Unknown

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