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CD Library Search results for: Sweet Georgia Brown

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (74)
Track: Jubilee
Composer(s): Adams/Carmichael

Track: When We're Alone
Composer(s): Jason/Burton

Track: (I Can Dream) Can't I?
Composer(s): Kahal/Fain

Track: Life Goes To A Party
Composer(s): Goodman/James

Track: Texas Chatter
Composer(s): James

Track: Song Of The Wanderer (Where Shall IGo?)
Composer(s): Moret

Track: It's The Dreamer In Me
Composer(s): Dorsey/Van Heusen

Track: One O'clock Jump
Composer(s): Basie, Count

Track: Out Of Nowhere
Composer(s): Heyman/Green

Track: Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)
Composer(s): Koehler/Moll/Barris

Track: Lullaby In Rhythm
Composer(s): Goodman/Sampson/Profit/Hirsch

Track: Little White Lies
Composer(s): Donaldson

Track: Boo - Woo
Composer(s): Johnson/Dougherty/Williams

Track: Woo-Woo
Composer(s): Ammons/Williams/Dougherty

Track: Home James
Composer(s): James

Track: Jesse
Composer(s): James

Track: Ciribiribin
Composer(s): Pestalozza

Track: Sweet Georgia Brown
Composer(s): Bernie/Casey/Pinkard

Track: Blame It On my Last Affair
Composer(s): Nemo/Mills

Track: Love's A Necessary Thing
Composer(s): Unlisted

Track: Tain't What You Do
Composer(s): Oliver/Young

Track: Two O'Clock Jump
Composer(s): James

Track: Indiana
Composer(s): MacDonald/Hanley

Track: Got No Time
Composer(s): Koehler/Bloom

Track: King Porter Stomp
Composer(s): Morton, Jelly Roll

Track: I Found a New Baby
Composer(s): Palmer/Williams

Track: Fannie - May
Composer(s): James

Track: Sugar Daddy
Composer(s): James

Track: Melancholy Mood
Composer(s): Knight/Schumann

Track: My Buddy
Composer(s): Donaldson

Track: Flash
Composer(s): James

Track: Here Comes the Night
Composer(s): Loesser/Edelstein/Hohengarten

Track: Willow Weep For Me
Composer(s): Ronell

Track: Feet Draggin' Blues
Composer(s): James

Track: All or Nothing at All
Composer(s): Altman/Lawrence

Track: On a Little Street in Singapore
Composer(s): DeRose/Hill

Track: Sleepy Time Gal
Composer(s): Lorenzo/Whiting

Track: Strictly Instrumental
Composer(s): Seiler/Marcus/Benjamin/Battle

Track: Flatbush Flanagan
Composer(s): James

Track: I Don't Want to Walk Without You
Composer(s): Loesser/Styne

Track: I Can't Begin to Tell You
Composer(s): Gordon/Monaco

Track: I'm Beginning to See the Light
Composer(s): Hodges/Ellington/James/George

Track: Music Makers
Composer(s): James

Track: Concerto For Trumpet
Composer(s): James

Track: Flatbush Flanagan
Composer(s): James

Track: Don't Be That Way
Composer(s): Goodman/Sampson/Webb

Track: September Song from Knickerbocker Holiday
Composer(s): Anderson/Weill

Track: There They Go
Composer(s): Hefti

Track: You Turned The Tables On Me
Composer(s): Alter/Mitchell

Track: Arrival
Composer(s): Hefti

Track: Six, Two And Even
Composer(s): Hefti

Track: 'Cept February, Which Has 28
Composer(s): Hefti

Track: Things Ain't What They Used To be
Composer(s): Ellington/Persons

Track: I May Be Wrong
Composer(s): Sullivan/Ruskin

Track: Lover
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: Snooty Fruity
Composer(s): Mundy

Track: Bells
Composer(s): Hefti

Track: Indiana
Composer(s): Handley/MacDonald

Track: Tango Blues
Composer(s): James

Track: Jalousie
Composer(s): Gade/Ortega/Bloom

Track: I cried out for You
Composer(s): Freed/Arnheim/Lyman

Track: It's been a long, long Time
Composer(s): Cahn/Styne

Track: Bye Bye Blues
Composer(s): Hamm/Bennett/Lown/Gray

Track: Melancholy Rapsody
Composer(s): Heindorf/Cahn

Track: James Session
Composer(s): Matthias

Track: These foolish Things
Composer(s): Strachey/Link/Marvell

Track: Moanin' Low
Composer(s): Dietz/Rainger

Track: Autumn Serenade
Composer(s): DeRose/Gallop

Track: Moonlight Bay
Composer(s): Madden/Wenrich

Track: Molde
Composer(s): Holmes/James

Track: I've heard that Song before
Composer(s): Cahn/Styne

Track: Two O'Clock Jump
Composer(s): James/Basie/Goodman

Track: You made Me love You
Composer(s): McCarthy/Monaco

Track: Trumpet Blues and Cantabile
Composer(s): James/Matthias

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