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Genre: Oldies
Tracks (17)
Track: From The Bottom Of My heart
Composer(s): Hays/Gibson/Beck/James

Track: Melancholy Mood
Composer(s): Knight/Schumann

Track: My Buddy
Composer(s): Kahn/Donaldson

Track: It's Funny To Everyone But Me
Composer(s): Lawrence, J.

Track: Here Comes The Night
Composer(s): Loesser/Edelstein/Hohengarten

Track: All Or Nothing At All
Composer(s): Lawrence/Altman

Track: On A Little Street In Singapore
Composer(s): DeRose/Hill

Track: Who Told You I Cared? from Kid Nightingale
Composer(s): Whiting/Reisfield

Track: Ciribiribin (They're So In Love)
Composer(s): Pestalozza/Thaler

Track: Every Day Of My Life
Composer(s): James/Beck/Hays

Track: Stardust
Composer(s): Parish/Carmichael

Track: Wishing Will Make It So from Love Affair
Composer(s): DeSylva, B. G.

Track: If I Didn't Care
Composer(s): Lawrence, J.

Track: Lamp Is Low
Composer(s): Parish/DeRose/Shefter

Track: My Love For You
Composer(s): Silver/Wayne

Track: Moon Love
Composer(s): David/Davis/Kostelanetz

Track: This Is No Dream
Composer(s): Davis/Shapiro/Dorsey

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