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CD Library Search results for: Wild Is Love!

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (11)
Track: Anything Goes
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: Nobody Else but Me
Composer(s): Hammerstein/Kern

Track: I Thought of You Last Night
Composer(s): Freed, Ralph

Track: You are A Story
Composer(s): Mauro/Bertoncini

Track: Don't Explain
Composer(s): Holiday/Herzog

Track: Bee-Bom
Composer(s): VanDyke, Lee

Track: You Fascinate Me So
Composer(s): Leigh/Coleman

Track: Moment of Truth
Composer(s): Satterwhite/Scott

Track: Shadow of your Smile
Composer(s): Webster/Mandel

Track: Best is yet to come
Composer(s): Leigh/Coleman

Track: Wild is Love
Composer(s): Wayne/Rasch

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