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CD Library Search results for: Spike Jones Anthology

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Tracks (40)
Track: Clink, Clink, Another Drink
Composer(s): Carling/Ohman

Track: Der Fuehrer's Face
Composer(s): Wallace, Oliver

Track: Sheik Of Araby
Composer(s): Smith/Wheeler/Snyder

Track: Hotcha Cornia (Black Eyes)
Composer(s): Traditional/Del Porter/Jones

Track: Cocktails For Two
Composer(s): Coslow/Johnston

Track: Leave The Dishes In The Sink, Ma
Composer(s): Berle/Jones/Doyle

Track: Holiday For Strings
Composer(s): Gallop/Rose

Track: Chloe
Composer(s): Kahn/Moret

Track: That Old Black Magic
Composer(s): Mercer/Arlen

Track: You Always Hurt The One You Love
Composer(s): Fisher/Roberts

Track: Liebestraum
Composer(s): Del Porter/Liszt/Jones

Track: Glow-Worm
Composer(s): Robinson/Lincke/Jones

Track: Hawaiian War Chant (Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai)
Composer(s): Freed/Leleiohaku

Track: Laura
Composer(s): Mercer/Raksin

Track: Jones Polka
Composer(s): Katz/Jones

Track: Love In Bloom
Composer(s): Robin/Rainger

Track: Man On The Flying Trapeze
Composer(s): Leybourne/Lee/Weaber/Jones

Track: My Old Flame
Composer(s): Johnston/Coslow

Track: All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)
Composer(s): Gardner, Don

Track: Happy New Year
Composer(s): Brandt/Morgan

Track: William Tell Overture
Composer(s): Rossini/Jones/Weaver

Track: By the Beautiful Sea
Composer(s): Carroll/Atteridge

Track: Ill Barkio (Il Bacio)
Composer(s): Arditi/Jones/Brandt

Track: None But the Lonely Heart (A Soaperetta)
Composer(s): Tchaikovsky/Brandt/Jones

Track: Ya Wanna Buy a Bunny?
Composer(s): Hoefle/Del Porter

Track: Dance of the Hours
Composer(s): Ponchielli/Weaver/Jones

Track: Wild Bill Hiccup
Composer(s): Morgan/Jones/Brandt

Track: Barney Google
Composer(s): Rose/Conrad

Track: Morpheus
Composer(s): Offenbach/Jones/Maxwell

Track: Rhapsody from Hunger(y)
Composer(s): Morgan/Grayco/Jones

Track: Black Bottom
Composer(s): Henderson/DeSylva/Brown

Track: Pal-Yat-Chee
Composer(s): Maxwell/Jones

Track: Yes! We Have No Bananas
Composer(s): Silver/Conn/Maxwell

Track: April Showers
Composer(s): DeSylva/Silvers

Track: I Went to Your Wedding
Composer(s): Robinson, Jessie Mae

Track: Secret Love
Composer(s): Webster/Fain

Track: I'm in the Mood for Love
Composer(s): McHugh/Fields

Track: Black and Blue Danube Waltz. Paris Symphony (Texas)
Composer(s): Strauss/Jones

Track: Late Late Late Movies, Part II
Composer(s): Jones/Brandt

Track: I Only Have Eyes for You
Composer(s): Dubin/Warren

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