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CD Library Search results for: Marcovicci Sings Movies

Genre: Soundtrack
Tracks (16)
Track: As Time Goes By
Composer(s): Hupfeld

Track: It Might Be You
Composer(s): Grusin/Bergman

Track: On Such a Night as This
Composer(s): Martin/Barer

Track: Folks Who Live on the Hill
Composer(s): Kern/Hammerstein

Track: Two for the Road
Composer(s): Mancini/Bricusse

Track: Happy Endings
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: Don't Ever Leave Me
Composer(s): Kern/Hammerstein

Track: Here Lies Love
Composer(s): Rainger/Robin

Track: Let's Not Talk About Love
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: Medley - All I Need is the Girl/Funny Face/Most Beautiful Girl in the World/Fanny
Composer(s): Styne/Sondheim/Gershwin/Rodgers/Hart/Rome

Track: Le Mer
Composer(s): Trenet

Track: Someone to Love
Composer(s): Bulgarelli/Marcovicci

Track: Mad About the Boy
Composer(s): Coward, Noel

Track: World War II Medley - I'm Gettin' Sentimental over you/There I've said it again/I don't want to walk without you
Composer(s): Bassman/Washington/Evans/Mann/Loesser/Styne/Lane/Lerner

Track: Too Late Now
Composer(s): Lane/Lerner

Track: Love is Here to Stay
Composer(s): Gershwin/Gershwin

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