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Genre: Oldies
Tracks (27)
Track: I'm on the outside
Composer(s): Randazzo/Weinstein

Track: Where did our love go?
Composer(s): Holland/Dozier

Track: People
Composer(s): Styne/Merrill

Track: Girl from Ipanema
Composer(s): Jobim/Gimbel/DeMoraes

Track: Make it easy on yourself
Composer(s): Randazzo/Weinstein/Meshel

Track: Walk on by
Composer(s): Bacharach/David

Track: Tears on my pillow
Composer(s): Bradford/Lewis

Track: Exodus song
Composer(s): Gold/Boone

Track: Funny how time slips away
Composer(s): Nelson

Track: Please go
Composer(s): Randazzo/Weinstein/Barberis

Track: Our song
Composer(s): Randazzo/Weinstein/Barberis

Track: A letter a day
Composer(s): Heard/Barken

Track: Goin' out of my head
Composer(s): Randazzo/Weinstein

Track: What a diference a day makes
Composer(s): Grever/Adams

Track: Reputation
Composer(s): Randazzo/Harshman

Track: Hurt
Composer(s): Crane/Jacobs

Track: It's just a matter of time
Composer(s): Otis/Benton/Hendricks

Track: Never again
Composer(s): Randazzo/Hart

Track: Hurt so bad
Composer(s): Randazzo/Wilding/Hart

Track: Where are you
Composer(s): Adamson/McHugh

Track: Take me back
Composer(s): Randazzo

Track: Who's sorry now?
Composer(s): Snyder/Kalmer/Ruby

Track: I miss you so
Composer(s): Henderson/Scott/Robin

Track: Get out of my life
Composer(s): Randazzo

Track: Out of sight out of mind
Composer(s): Huner/Otis

Track: Ten commandments of love
Composer(s): Paul

Track: Help me find a way
Composer(s): Bell/Creed

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