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Genre: Oldies
Tracks (24)
Track: Western Wind
Composer(s): Gottlieb/Reynolds

Track: Medley: Hard Traveler/Mount Zion
Composer(s): Guthrie/Bagby

Track: Lass from the Low Country
Composer(s): Bruce/Budd

Track: Gunslinger
Composer(s): Pober/Freeman

Track: Curina
Composer(s): Caymi/Raskin

Track: Vicki Dougan
Composer(s): Gottlieb/Reynolds

Track: Aravan, Aravan
Composer(s): Hassilev, Alex

Track: Whistling Gypsy
Composer(s): Maguire

Track: Time of Man
Composer(s): Edmonson

Track: Harry Pollitt
Composer(s): Bruce

Track: Hard Ain't It Hard
Composer(s): Guthrie

Track: Mama Don't 'Low
Composer(s): Yarbrough/Hassilev

Track: Jehosephat
Composer(s): Raskin/Gottlieb

Track: Everywhere I Look this Mornin'
Composer(s): Bruce

Track: Pretty Far Out
Composer(s): Raskin/Gottlieb

Track: Lion and the Lamb
Composer(s): Arkin/Arkin

Track: Golden Bell
Composer(s): Reynolds/Gottlieb

Track: A Wayfaring Starnger
Composer(s): Gibson

Track: Charmin' Betsy
Composer(s): Bruce/Rudd

Track: Gilgarry Mountain (Darlin' Sportin' Jenny)
Composer(s): Gibson/Camp/Warner

Track: Marvin
Composer(s): Davis

Track: Little Land
Composer(s): Reynolds

Track: Joy Across the Land
Composer(s): Hassilev, Alex

Track: Gotta Travel On
Composer(s): Clayton/Lazar/Ehrlich/Six

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