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Genre: Big Band
Tracks (16)
Track: You're Driving Me Crazy
Composer(s): Donaldson

Track: Angel Eyes
Composer(s): Brent/Dennis

Track: Good Gravy
Composer(s): Silvetti

Track: Charmaine
Composer(s): Pollack/Roper

Track: Perfidia
Composer(s): Leeds/Dominguez

Track: No Great Love
Composer(s): Symes/Jones

Track: When I Take My Sugar to Tea
Composer(s): Kahal/Fain

Track: Ebb Tide
Composer(s): Sigman/Maxwell

Track: Do you ever think of Me
Composer(s): Kerr/Cooper/Burnett

Track: Little Brown Jug
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: My Silent Love
Composer(s): Heyman/Suesse

Track: This can't be love
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: Dixieland Band
Composer(s): Mercer/Hanighen

Track: Tenderly
Composer(s): Lawrence/Gross

Track: My Funny Valentine
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: In A Jam
Composer(s): Ellington, Duke

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