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CD Library Search results for: It's The Way That You Swing It

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (48)
Track: Margie
Composer(s): Conrad/Robinson/Davis

Track: Sweet Sue, Just You
Composer(s): Young/Harris

Track: 'Tain't What You Do
Composer(s): Young/Oliver

Track: Time's A-Wastin'
Composer(s): Lunceford/Maddep

Track: What is This Thing Called Swing?
Composer(s): Bass/Hecht

Track: Easter Parade
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Well, All Right Then
Composer(s): Lunceford, Jimmie

Track: I Used To Love You (But It's Over Now)
Composer(s): Von Tilzer/Brown

Track: Belgium Stomp
Composer(s): Moore

Track: Think of Me, Little Daddy
Composer(s): Whitman

Track: Uptown Blues
Composer(s): Lunceford, Jimmie

Track: Lunceford Special
Composer(s): Lunceford, Jimmie

Track: I Got It
Composer(s): Young

Track: Twenty-Four Robbers
Composer(s): Buckner/Young

Track: Battle Axe
Composer(s): Thomas

Track: Chocolate
Composer(s): Butterfield

Track: Flamingo
Composer(s): Grouya/Anderson

Track: Siesta At The Fiesta
Composer(s): Allen

Track: Hi Spook
Composer(s): Wilson

Track: Impromptu
Composer(s): Wilcox

Track: Blues In The Night
Composer(s): Arlen/Mercer

Track: Strictly Instrumental
Composer(s): Battle/Benjamin/Seiler/Marcus

Track: Back Door Stuff
Composer(s): Segure

Track: Honeydripper
Composer(s): Liggins

Track: Jazznocracy
Composer(s): Hudson

Track: Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland)
Composer(s): Williams/Hickman

Track: Stratosphere
Composer(s): Lunceford, Jimmie

Track: Nana
Composer(s): Cohn

Track: Unsophisticated Sue
Composer(s): Simon/Raymond/Razaf

Track: Dream of You
Composer(s): Oliver/Lunceford/Moran

Track: Rhythm is our Business
Composer(s): Lunceford/Chaplin/Cahn

Track: Sleepy Time Gal
Composer(s): Lorenzo/Whiting/Alden/Egan

Track: Four or Five Times
Composer(s): Gay/Hellman

Track: Avalon
Composer(s): Rose/Jolson/DeSylva

Track: Hittin' The Bottom
Composer(s): Arlen/Koehler

Track: I'm Nuts about Screwy Music
Composer(s): Rose

Track: Melody Man
Composer(s): Oliver/Hendricks

Track: Organ Grinder's Swing
Composer(s): Hudson/Parish/Mills

Track: Harlem Shout
Composer(s): Durham/Lunceford

Track: Running A Temperature
Composer(s): Pascal/Fairchild

Track: He Ain't Got Rhythm
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Slumming on Park Avenue
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Merry-Go-Round Broke Down
Composer(s): Friend/Franklin

Track: Hell's Bells
Composer(s): Kassel

Track: For Dancers Only
Composer(s): Oliver/Raye/Schoen

Track: Pigeon Walk
Composer(s): Monaco

Track: Annie Laurie
Composer(s): Traditional/Oliver

Track: Frisco Fog
Composer(s): Carr

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