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CD Library Search results for: Happy Songs

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Tracks (14)
Track: Ain't It De Truth?
Composer(s): Arlen/Harburg

Track: Tess's Torch Song
Composer(s): Arlen/Koehler

Track: I Must Have That Man!
Composer(s): McHugh/Fields

Track: Bambalele
Composer(s): Traditional Brazilian

Track: I Wish I Were In Love Again
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: Supper Time
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)
Composer(s): Arlen/Koehler

Track: Beat My Dog
Composer(s): Leonhart, Jay

Track: On A Turquoise Cloud
Composer(s): Ellington, Duke

Track: More Than You Know
Composer(s): Youmans/Eliscu/Rose

Track: See What I Wanna See
Composer(s): Lachiusa, Michael John

Track: He Loves and She Loves
Composer(s): Gershwin/Gershwin

Track: I Double Dare You
Composer(s): Eaton/Shand

Track: Lose That Long Face
Composer(s): Arlen/Gershwin

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