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CD Library Search results for: Sweet Sixteenths: A Ragtime Concert

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (15)
Track: Mississippi Rag
Composer(s): Krell, William H.

Track: Gladiolus Rag
Composer(s): Joplin, Scott

Track: Euphonic Sounds
Composer(s): Joplin, Scott

Track: Ragtime Nightingale
Composer(s): Lamb, Joseph F.

Track: Peace and Plenty Rag
Composer(s): Scott, James

Track: Charleston Rag
Composer(s): Blake, Eubie

Track: Slippery Elm Rag
Composer(s): Woods, H. Clarence

Track: Dizzy Fingers
Composer(s): Confrey, Zez

Track: Sweet Sixteenths
Composer(s): Albright, William

Track: Brass Knuckles
Composer(s): Bolcom/Albright

Track: Swipesy Cake Walk
Composer(s): Joplin/Marshall

Track: Lily Queen
Composer(s): Joplin/Marshall

Track: Sunflower Slow Drag
Composer(s): Joplin/Hayden

Track: Something Doing
Composer(s): Joplin/Hayden

Track: Felicity Rag
Composer(s): Joplin/Hayden

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