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CD Library Search results for: Birth of Be Bop

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (16)
Track: Be-Bop
Composer(s): Gillespie, John Birks

Track: How High the Moon
Composer(s): Hamilton/Lewis

Track: Hot House
Composer(s): Dameron, Tadd

Track: Little Willie Leaps
Composer(s): Davis, Miles

Track: 'Round About Midnight
Composer(s): Hanighen/Williams/Monk

Track: Wee Dot
Composer(s): Johnson, J. J.

Track: Opus De Bop
Composer(s): Jones, Hank

Track: Ray's Idea
Composer(s): Brown/Fuller

Track: Boppin' A Riff
Composer(s): Stitt, Sonny

Track: Long Tall Dexter
Composer(s): Gordon, Dexter

Track: Ah-Leu-Cha
Composer(s): Parker, Charlie

Track: All-Stars O-Go-Mo
Composer(s): Winding, Kai

Track: El Sino
Composer(s): Greenlee, Charles

Track: Red Cross
Composer(s): Parker, Charlie

Track: Gabardine And Serge
Composer(s): Kahn, Tiny

Track: Interlude (A Night In Tunisia)
Composer(s): Gillespie/Paparelli/Leveen

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