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CD Library Search results for: To Mother With Love

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (25)
Track: To Mother - With Love
Composer(s): Lynton/Watson/Denby

Track: Little Mother of Mine
Composer(s): Burleigh/Brengle

Track: Pal of My Cradle Days
Composer(s): Piantadosi/Montgomery

Track: Little Mother
Composer(s): Rapee/Pollack

Track: My Yiddische Momma
Composer(s): Yellen/Pollack

Track: My Mother's Eyes
Composer(s): Baer/Gilbert

Track: I'll Always Be Mother's Boy
Composer(s): Green/Stept

Track: Silver-haired Sweetheart
Composer(s): Herscher/Van Hook

Track: Mother, My Dear
Composer(s): Treharne/Nolan

Track: Silver Hair & Heart of Gold
Composer(s): Maurice/Gilbert

Track: My Mom
Composer(s): Donaldson

Track: A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother
Composer(s): Skelly/Miller

Track: My Old Irish Mother
Composer(s): Dean

Track: It's My Mother's Birthday Today
Composer(s): Lisbona/Connor

Track: A Bedtime Story
Composer(s): Nicholls/Towers/Leon

Track: M-O-T-H-E-R, A Word That Means The World To Me
Composer(s): Morse/Johnson

Track: Mother, Here's A Bouquet For You
Composer(s): Burnette/Autry

Track: Mother O' Mine
Composer(s): Tours/Kipling

Track: Mother Machree
Composer(s): Ball/Young/Olcott

Track: I Want My Mama
Composer(s): Stillman/Paiva

Track: Mamma
Composer(s): Bixio/Cherubini

Track: My Mother's Waltz
Composer(s): Franklin

Track: My Mammy
Composer(s): Donaldson/Lewis/Young

Track: I'll Have The Last Waltz With Mother
Composer(s): Bennett/Tobias

Track: Goodnight Mother
Composer(s): David/Bryan/Lawnhurst

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