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Genre: Jazz
Tracks (20)
Track: A Day In the Life
Composer(s): Lennon/McCartney

Track: Watch What Happens
Composer(s): Demy/Gimbel/Legrand

Track: When A Man Loves A Woman
Composer(s): Lewis/Wright

Track: California Nights
Composer(s): Hamlisch/Liebling

Track: Angel
Composer(s): Montgomery, Wes

Track: Eleanor Rigby
Composer(s): Lennon/McCartney

Track: Willow Weep for me
Composer(s): Ronell, Ann

Track: Windy
Composer(s): Friedman

Track: Trust in Me
Composer(s): Ager/Schwartz/Wever

Track: Joker
Composer(s): Bricusse/Newley

Track: Wind Song
Composer(s): Alpert/Ceroli/Pisano/Webster

Track: Georgia on my Mind
Composer(s): Carmichael/Gorrell

Track: Other Man's Grass is always Greener
Composer(s): Hatch/Trent

Track: Down here on the ground
Composer(s): Garnett/Schifrin

Track: Up and at it
Composer(s): Montgomery, Wes

Track: Goin' on to Detroit
Composer(s): Montgomery, Wes

Track: I Say A Little Prayer for You
Composer(s): Bacharach/David

Track: When I Look in your eyes
Composer(s): Bricusse

Track: Know It All
Composer(s): Donato/Valle

Track: Fox
Composer(s): Schifrin

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