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CD Library Search results for: Very Best of Lou Rawls: You'll Never Find Another

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (21)
Track: Dead End Street
Composer(s): Raleigh/Axelrod/Rawls

Track: Love is A Hurtin' Thing
Composer(s): Raleigh/Linden

Track: Trouble Down Here Below
Composer(s): Anderson, J.

Track: A Natural Man
Composer(s): Baron/Hebb

Track: Your Good Thing (Is About to End)
Composer(s): Porter/Hayes

Track: Street Corner Hustler's Blues/World of Trouble
Composer(s): Rawls/Brown

Track: I Can't Make it Alone
Composer(s): Goffin/King

Track: You Can Bring Me All Your Heartaches
Composer(s): Barnum/Raleigh

Track: You've Made Me So Very Happy
Composer(s): Gordy/Wilson/Holloway

Track: On Broadway
Composer(s): Leiber/Mann/Stoller/Weil

Track: Righteous Woman/I Wanna Little Girl
Composer(s): Rawls/Moll/Mencher

Track: Breaking My Back (Instead of Using My Mind)
Composer(s): Rawls/Anderson

Track: Shadow of Your Smile
Composer(s): Mandel/Webster

Track: Bring It On Home
Composer(s): Cooke, S.

Track: Show Business
Composer(s): Rawls/Jackson

Track: Down Here On The Ground
Composer(s): Schifrin/Garnett

Track: Lady Love
Composer(s): Gray/Marshall

Track: See You When I Git There
Composer(s): Huff/Gamble

Track: Groovy People
Composer(s): Huff/Gamble

Track: Let Me Be Good to You
Composer(s): Huff/Gamble

Track: You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
Composer(s): Huff/Gamble

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