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CD Library Search results for: Dippermouth Blues

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (25)
Track: Chimes Blues
Composer(s): Oliver, King

Track: Canal Street Blues
Composer(s): Oliver/Armstrong

Track: Dippermouth Blues
Composer(s): Oliver/Armstrong

Track: Snake Rag
Composer(s): Oliver/Piron

Track: Chattanooga Stomp
Composer(s): Oliver/Picou

Track: Riverside Blues
Composer(s): Oliver, King

Track: Snag It
Composer(s): Oliver, King

Track: Deep Henderson
Composer(s): Rose

Track: Wa Wa Wa
Composer(s): Schaeffer

Track: Someday Sweetheart
Composer(s): Spikes/Spikes

Track: Showboat Shuffle
Composer(s): Oliver/Biggard

Track: Willie the Weeper
Composer(s): Bloom/Melrose/Rymal

Track: Black Snake Blues
Composer(s): Spivey/Johnson

Track: Farewell Blues
Composer(s): Schoebel/Mares/Rappolo

Track: Sobbin' Blues
Composer(s): Kassell/Berton

Track: Tin Roof Blues
Composer(s): Melrose/N. O. R. K.

Track: West End Blues
Composer(s): Oliver/Williams

Track: Speakeasy Blues
Composer(s): Oliver, King

Track: Aunt Hagar's Blues
Composer(s): Handy, W. C.

Track: I'm Watchin' the Clock
Composer(s): Oliver/Williams

Track: New Orleans Shout
Composer(s): Nelson

Track: Everybody Does It In Hawaii
Composer(s): Rodgers/McWilliam

Track: Rhythm Club Stomp
Composer(s): Oliver/Nelson

Track: Struggle Buggy
Composer(s): Walker

Track: Shake It and Break It
Composer(s): Chiha/Clark

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