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CD Library Search results for: Jazz in the Charts, Vol. 8

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (23)
Track: Milenberg Joys
Composer(s): Rapollo/Mares/Morton

Track: Mooche
Composer(s): Ellington, Duke

Track: South
Composer(s): Morton/Hayes

Track: Sally Of My Dreams
Composer(s): Kernell

Track: Pine Top's Boogie Woogie
Composer(s): Smith, Clarence

Track: Let's Do it (Let's Fall In Love)
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: St. James Infirmary
Composer(s): Primrose

Track: Little Orphan Annie
Composer(s): Kahn/Sanders

Track: Am I Blue?
Composer(s): Clarke/Akst

Track: Yellow Dog
Composer(s): Handy, W. C.

Track: Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Ou
Composer(s): Cox

Track: Birmingham Bertha
Composer(s): Clarke/Akst

Track: True Blue Lou
Composer(s): Coslow/Robin/Whiting

Track: Ain't Misbehavin'
Composer(s): Razaf/Waller

Track: Moanin' Low
Composer(s): Dietz/Rainger

Track: Painting The Clouds With Sunshine
Composer(s): Dubin/Burke

Track: (Back Home Again In) Indiana
Composer(s): McDonald/Hanley

Track: Ain't Misbehavin'
Composer(s): Razaf/Waller

Track: Tip Toe Through The Tulips
Composer(s): Dubin/Burke

Track: Piccolo Pete
Composer(s): Baxter

Track: I Gotta Great Big Date with A Little Bitta Girl
Composer(s): Sanders

Track: Ain't Misbehavin'
Composer(s): Razaf/Waller

Track: When You're Smiling
Composer(s): Fisher/Goodwin/Shay

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