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CD Library Search results for: There Is A Time

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (55)
Track: It's Just A Matter Of Time
Composer(s): Everitt/Stith

Track: If I Were In Your Shoes
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: Meantime
Composer(s): Stillman/Allen

Track: Try To Remember
Composer(s): Schmidt/Jones

Track: I'm All I've Got
Composer(s): Schafer/Graham

Track: Maybe Soon
Composer(s): Everitt/Stith

Track: Maybe This Time
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: Don't Ever Leave Me
Composer(s): Kern/Hammerstein

Track: Travelin' Life
Composer(s): Liebling/Hamlisch

Track: Together Wherever We Go
Composer(s): Sondheim/Styne

Track: Blue Moon
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: I Knew Him When
Composer(s): Arlen/Harburg/Gershwin

Track: Wait Till You See Him
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: My Shining Hour
Composer(s): Mercer/Arlen

Track: I Like The Likes Of You
Composer(s): Duke/Harburg

Track: It Amazes Me
Composer(s): Coleman/Leigh

Track: Looking At You
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: I Never Have Seen Snow
Composer(s): Arlen

Track: Plenty Of Time
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: For Every Man There's A Woman
Composer(s): Arlen/Robin

Track: Lorelei
Composer(s): Gershwin/Gershwin

Track: Shouldn't There Be Lightning?
Composer(s): Alexander/Goldenberg

Track: Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
Composer(s): Cox

Track: Walk Right In-How Come You Do Me Like You Do
Composer(s): Woods/Cannon/Svanoe/Darling/Austin/Gergere

Track: Imprevu
Composer(s): Geraci/Richards

Track: There Is A Time
Composer(s): Lees/Aznavour/Davis

Track: I (Who Have Nothing)
Composer(s): Leiber/Stoller/Mogol/Donida

Track: M'Lord
Composer(s): Monnot/Mustacchi

Track: Watch What Happens
Composer(s): Demy/Gimbel/Legrand

Track: One Of Those Songs
Composer(s): Calvi/Holt

Track: Days Of The Waltz
Composer(s): Brel/Holt

Track: Ay Marieke
Composer(s): Brel/Jouannest

Track: Love At Last You Have Found Me
Composer(s): Aznavour/Worth

Track: I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise
Composer(s): DeSylva/Gershwin

Track: See The Old Man
Composer(s): Ebb/Kander

Track: Parisians
Composer(s): Lerner/Loewe

Track: One Summer Love
Composer(s): Stith/Everitt

Track: How Much Will I Love You?
Composer(s): Livingston/Evans

Track: Day Dreaming
Composer(s): Garson/Hilliard

Track: His Woman
Composer(s): Gardon/Hilliard

Track: My Little Corner Of The World
Composer(s): Pockriss/Hilliard

Track: We'll Be Together
Composer(s): Garson/Hilliar

Track: A Quiet Thing
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: All I Need
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: Sing Happy
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: Dear Love
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: I'm Not Laughing
Composer(s): Crewe/Bondi

Track: Did I Hurt Your Feelings?
Composer(s): Crewe/Bondi

Track: Many Faces Of Love
Composer(s): Pomus/Shuman

Track: At My Age
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: Middle Of The Street
Composer(s): Allen/Everitt

Track: Everybody Loves My Baby
Composer(s): Williams/Palmer

Track: Marriage Is For Old Folks
Composer(s): Carr/Shuman

Track: Come On And Baby Me
Composer(s): Lewis/Meyer/Young

Track: Say Liza (Liza With A 'Z')
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

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