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Genre: Jazz
Tracks (22)
Track: My Ideal
Composer(s): Whiting/Chase/Robin

Track: Louise
Composer(s): Whiting/Robin

Track: Beyond the Blue Horizon
Composer(s): Whiting/Harling/Robin

Track: Honey
Composer(s): Whiting/Simons/Gillespie

Track: Eadie was a Lady
Composer(s): Whiting/DeSylva/Brown

Track: Rock and Roll
Composer(s): Whiting/Clare

Track: Here's the Key to my Heart
Composer(s): Whiting/Clare

Track: On the Good Ship Lollipop
Composer(s): Whiting/Clare

Track: You're an Old Smoothie
Composer(s): Whiting/Brown/DeSylva

Track: When Did You Leave Heaven?
Composer(s): Whiting/Bullock

Track: Miss Brown to You
Composer(s): Whiting/Rainger/Robin

Track: Have You Got Any Castles, Baby?
Composer(s): Whiting/Mercer

Track: Till We Meet Again
Composer(s): Whiting/Egan

Track: Guilty
Composer(s): Whiting/Akst/Kahn

Track: Sleepy Time Gal
Composer(s): Whiting/Lorenzo/Alden/Egan

Track: My Future Just Passed
Composer(s): Whiting/Marion

Track: She's Funny that Way
Composer(s): Whiting/Moret

Track: True Blue Lou
Composer(s): Whiting/Coslow/Robin

Track: Ain't We Got Fun
Composer(s): Whiting/Kahn/Egan

Track: Too Marvelous for Words
Composer(s): Whiting/Mercer

Track: Breezin' Along with the Breeze
Composer(s): Whiting/Gillespie/Simons

Track: Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks
Composer(s): Whiting/Mercer

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