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CD Library Search results for: Park Avenue Hillbillies & West End Cowboys

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (25)
Track: Them Hill-Billies Are Mountain Williams Now
Composer(s): Cavanaugh/Sanford/Mysels

Track: Fuedin' and Fightin'
Composer(s): Dubin/Lane

Track: Way Out West
Composer(s): Hart/Rodgers

Track: I'm Goin' Back to Whur I Came From
Composer(s): Robison

Track: Pappy's Predicament (or We Lost Him In Montana)
Composer(s): McCreery

Track: Mr. Ghost Goes To Town
Composer(s): Parish/Mills/Hudson

Track: Finishing School Was The Finish Of Me
Composer(s): Murray/Milton

Track: Doin' What Comes Natur'lly
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend
Composer(s): George/Newman

Track: What Fer Didja
Composer(s): Hayes

Track: I Get A Kick Outa Corn
Composer(s): Hanighen/Adamson

Track: (You'll Be Just) Another Notch In Father's Shotgun (Effen You Don't Marry Me)
Composer(s): Wrubel/Ray

Track: L'il Abner
Composer(s): Oakland/Berle/Drake

Track: I Like The Wide Open Spaces
Composer(s): Murray/Foster/Wick

Track: Mountain Lullaby
Composer(s): McCreery

Track: That's Where I Meet My Girl
Composer(s): Healy/Singer/Von Tilzer

Track: Joan of Arkansaw
Composer(s): Pine/David/Gannaway/Baxter

Track: Leave It Up To Uncle Jake
Composer(s): Parks/Lee/Heath/Le Roux

Track: It's The Little Things That Count
Composer(s): Merrill/Shay

Track: Buttons and Bows
Composer(s): Evans/Livingston

Track: Slap 'Er Down Agin, Paw
Composer(s): Arnold/Cornett/Asherman

Track: Agnes Clung
Composer(s): Shay/Smith

Track: I'm My Own Grandpaw
Composer(s): Latham/Jaffe

Track: It's A Quiet Town (in Crossbone County)
Composer(s): Russell/Spina

Track: I've Been to Hollywood
Composer(s): Merrill

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