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CD Library Search results for: From Ragtime to Jazz, Vol. 4

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (26)
Track: Darkys Patrol
Composer(s): Phelps, E. A.

Track: Eli Greens Cake Walk
Composer(s): Koninsky, Sadie

Track: Ethiopian Mardi Gras
Composer(s): Levi, Maurice

Track: Cotton Blossoms
Composer(s): Hall, Milton H.

Track: Bye, Bye Ma Honey
Composer(s): Hogan/Rosenfeld

Track: Coon Songs: All Coons Look Alike to me/Hello Ma Baby/At A Georgia Camp Meeting/Ma Tiger Lily
Composer(s): Hogan/Howard/Emerson/Mills/Sloane/Greene

Track: Peaceful Henry
Composer(s): Kelly, E. H.

Track: Smokey Mokes
Composer(s): Holzmann, Abe

Track: Razzazza Mazzazza
Composer(s): Pryor, Arthur

Track: Play that Barber Shop Chord
Composer(s): Tracey/McDonald/Muir

Track: Nigger's Hop
Composer(s): Batten, joe

Track: Oh, that ragged rag
Composer(s): de Blonc A.

Track: Land of Cotton
Composer(s): Loneard, Eddie

Track: Junk Man Rag/Harmony Joe/That Teasin' Rag
Composer(s): Roberts/Schiller/Jordan

Track: Bregeiro
Composer(s): Maxixe/Nazareth

Track: I Can Dance with everybody except my wife
Composer(s): Golden, J. L.

Track: Cute little wigglin' Dance
Composer(s): Layton/Creamer

Track: Dixie Volunteers
Composer(s): Ruby/Leslie

Track: Steve
Composer(s): Creager, Willie

Track: Bluin' the Blues
Composer(s): Mitchell/Ragas

Track: What do you mean by loving somebody else when your love belongs to me?
Composer(s): Mitchell/Gottler

Track: Dreaming Blues from Ziegfeld's Midnight Frolic
Composer(s): Baker, Edythe

Track: When my baby smiles at me
Composer(s): Monro/Lewis

Track: What could be sweeter dear
Composer(s): Murray, James

Track: Wild Cherry Rag
Composer(s): Snyder

Track: Tiger Rag
Composer(s): La Rocca

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