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CD Library Search results for: Very Best of Peter Allen: Boy From Down Under

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (20)
Track: Honest Queen
Composer(s): Allen/Levitt

Track: Tenterfield Saddler
Composer(s): Allen, Peter

Track: Just Ask Me I've Been There
Composer(s): Allen, Peter

Track: Everything Old Is New Again
Composer(s): Allen/Sager

Track: I Honestly Love You
Composer(s): Allen/Barry

Track: She Loves To Hear The Music
Composer(s): Allen/Sager

Track: I Go To Rio
Composer(s): Allen/Anderson

Track: Quiet Please, There's A Lady On Stage
Composer(s): Allen/Sager

Track: More I See You
Composer(s): Gordon/Warren

Track: I Could Have Been A Sailor
Composer(s): Allen, Peter

Track: Don't Wish Too Hard
Composer(s): Allen/Sager

Track: Don't Cry Out Loud
Composer(s): Allen/Sager

Track: I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love
Composer(s): Allen/Sager

Track: One Step Over The Borderline
Composer(s): Allen/Keane/Foster

Track: Fly Away
Composer(s): Allen/Sager/Foster

Track: Bi-Coastal
Composer(s): Allen/Foster/Keane

Track: I Don't Go Shopping
Composer(s): Allen/Lasley

Track: I Still Call Australia Home
Composer(s): Allen, Peter

Track: You Haven't Heard The Last Of Me
Composer(s): Kaz/Snow

Track: Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)
Composer(s): Allen/Bacharac

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