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CD Library Search results for: Loving You

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (11)
Track: Loving you
Composer(s): Butler/Martin

Track: Man you were
Composer(s): Van Dam/Hall

Track: Dreamy
Composer(s): Garner/Shaw

Track: Someone to light up my life
Composer(s): Jobim/De Moraes/Lees

Track: In the dark
Composer(s): Green, Lillian

Track: Should I surrender
Composer(s): Ross/Landau

Track: Love dance
Composer(s): Lins/Martin/Williams

Track: Kiss and run
Composer(s): Ledru/Dononcin/Engvick

Track: Island
Composer(s): Lins/Martins/Bergman

Track: It amazes me
Composer(s): Coleman/Leigh

Track: All of a sudden my heart sings
Composer(s): Herpin/Jamblan/Rome

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