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CD Library Search results for: It's A Blue World

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (12)
Track: I've Got It Bad, And That Ain't Good
Composer(s): Webster/Ellington

Track: Till The Clouds Roll By
Composer(s): Wodehouse/Kern

Track: Isn't It Romantic
Composer(s): Hart/Rodgers

Track: I Know Why
Composer(s): Gordon/Warren

Track: All This And Heaven
Composer(s): DeLange/Van Heusen

Track: How Long Has This Been Going On
Composer(s): Gershwin, George and Ira

Track: Polka Dots and Moonbeams
Composer(s): Burke/Van Heusen

Track: You Leave Me Breathless
Composer(s): Freed/Hollander

Track: Million Dollar Baby
Composer(s): Rose/Dixon/Warren

Track: Wonderful One
Composer(s): Terriss/Whiteman/Grofe/Neilan

Track: It's A Blue World
Composer(s): Wright/Forrest

Track: Stay As Sweet As You Are
Composer(s): Gordon/Revel

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