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Genre: Folk
Tracks (13)
Track: Friend of Jesus
Composer(s): Stewart, John

Track: Easy Now
Composer(s): Gibson, Bob

Track: Ease Your Pain
Composer(s): Axton, Hoyt

Track: Where Will the Love Come From
Composer(s): Holler, Dick

Track: Put Your Hand in the Hand
Composer(s): McLellan, Gene

Track: Annie's Going to Sing Her Song
Composer(s): Paxton, Tom

Track: Willoughby Grove
Composer(s): Scott/Meehan

Track: Silent Song Through The Land
Composer(s): Davies, Ron

Track: Colorado Exile
Composer(s): Post, Jim

Track: Funky In The Country
Composer(s): Gibson, Bob

Track: Epistle
Composer(s): Axton, Hoyt

Track: Long Lost Feelings
Composer(s): Settle, Mike

Track: She Believes In Me
Composer(s): Settle, Mike

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