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CD Library Search results for: A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry

Genre: Blues
Tracks (12)
Track: What's New?
Composer(s): Haggart/Burke

Track: It's The Talk Of The Town
Composer(s): Livingston/Symes/Neiburg

Track: I'll never Smile Again
Composer(s): Lowe, Ruth

Track: I'm Through With Love
Composer(s): Livingston/Kahn/Malneck

Track: Where Are You?
Composer(s): McHugh/Adamson

Track: I've Only Myself To Blame
Composer(s): Mann/Evans

Track: Say It Isn't So
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: What Will I Tell My Heart?
Composer(s): Tinturin/Lawrence/Gordon

Track: You've Got Me Crying Again
Composer(s): Newman/Jones

Track: Can't We Talk It Over?
Composer(s): Young/Washington

Track: I Laugh To Keep From Cryin'
Composer(s): Pober/Brown

Track: A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry
Composer(s): Laine/Reid/Gimbel

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