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CD Library Search results for: Put it there, Pal!

Genre: Comedy
Tracks (31)
Track: Harmony
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: Road To Morocco
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Composer(s): Merrill

Track: Apalachicola, Fla
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: For What?
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: I'd've Baked A Cake
Composer(s): Hoffman/Merrill/Watts

Track: When We're Alone
Composer(s): Jason/Burton

Track: Lady's In Love With You
Composer(s): Lane/Loesser

Track: Goodtime Charlie
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
Composer(s): Wiseman

Track: Put It There, Pal
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: Buttons And Bows
Composer(s): Livingston/Evans

Track: Beside You
Composer(s): Livingston/Evans

Track: My Favourite Brunette
Composer(s): Livingston/Evans

Track: Captain Custard
Composer(s): Schertzinger/Burke

Track: Harry Lime Theme
Composer(s): Karas

Track: Home On The Range
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Sonny Boy
Composer(s): De Sylva/Brown/Henderson/Jolson

Track: Smile Darn Ya Smile
Composer(s): Rich/Meskill/O'Flynn

Track: It Happened In Monterey
Composer(s): Wayne/Rose

Track: Moonlight Becomes You
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: I Wish I Wuz
Composer(s): Kuller/Murray

Track: Medley: June in January/It's Been a Long, Long Time/Coming Through The Rye/Put on your Old Grey Bonnet
Composer(s): Rainger/Robin/Styne/Cahn/Traditional/Wenrich/Murphy

Track: Love Somebody
Composer(s): Kramer/Whitney

Track: Goodnight, Irene
Composer(s): Ledbetter/Lomax

Track: Sweet Violets
Composer(s): Cohen/Grean

Track: How 'Dja Like To Love Me
Composer(s): Lane/Loesser

Track: It's Love, Love, Love
Composer(s): Kramer/Whitney/David

Track: Hello, Mom
Composer(s): Dunstedter/Jones

Track: Two Sleepy People
Composer(s): Carmichael/Loesser

Track: Thanks For The Memory
Composer(s): Rainger/Robin

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